DWArteq was part of DISRUPTIVE WEEK MILAN 2015 (http://disruptiveweek.it/2015-2/), a Week of coordinated International and domestic events dedicated to disruptive and emerging technologies, focused on M2M+Internet of Things, Robotics, Energy, Wearable,Wireless.

Disruptive Week highlights:

Disruptive Talk
31-talk-showA special conference session designed to attract a larger public and medias to show how innovative technologies are shaping our every day life. In a round table with experts, top market players and technology gurus, we showed how the latest technologies disrupted the status quo, transforming everyday life, business models and social landscape.

Interview opportunites
We invited international journalists from newspapers, magazines, television, tech blogs and we also arranged interviews with speakers and companies.

Galleria-Vittorio-Emanuele-MilanoLive Experiences
Hands on experiences and special trials for business were offered either on mini-circuits set up in selected locations, shops, show rooms or in the streets of the city of Milan.

Special events
Inside historical buildings we organized reserved networking events, press meetings and special live demostrations.