AGENDA – April 28th, 2015

Chairman: Giuliano Gaia, Co-Founder,  Musei-It/Invisible Studio

10:00 am HI – Tech and Cultural Heritage: how to make them match
Giuliano Gaia, Co-Founder, Musei-It/Invisible Studio
10:30 am Artificial Intelligence for interaction
Annamaria Colucci, Partner and Managing Director, Occambee
11:00 am Robots for Museums
Claus Risager, Partner and Director, Blue Ocean Robotics
11:30 am The use of digital technologies as Museums strategy
Maria Grazia Girotto , Head of Communications, Marketing and Public Relations, Museo del Cinema di Torino
Stefano Pisu, Project Manager, Torino Wireless
12:00 pm New Perspectives on Virtual Reality Applied To Cultural Heritage
Adele Magnelli, International Project Manager, ETT
12:30 pm New user experiences in physical spaces for a totally new generation of users: 5 things the IoT is changing forever
Massimo Cortinovis, Founder and CEO, Stylum
1:00 pm
2:00 pm
2:00 pm Eye Tracking: the user at the core of art experience
Roberta Castoldi
, Innovation and Interactive Experience Manager, SR Labs
2:30 pm The Samsung Smart Hera
Antonio Bosio, Product and Solutions Director, Samsung
3:00 pm Use of Tablets in Museums
Michele Lanzinger, Director, MuSe Museo delle Scienze di Trento
3:30 pm Smartglasses Revolution
Mauro Rubin, President, Joinpad/Fasthink
4:00 pm Glasses, smartwatches and beyond: latest trends in wearable technologies
Christian Stammel, Founder and CEO, Wearable Technologies
4:30 pm Designing Products & Services for the Internet of Things
Pier Bardoni, Founder and CEO, Things
5:00 pm Augmented reality and museum experience: evidence from the Artglass case 
Federica Codignola & Elisa Rancati, Assistant Professors of Marketing Management, Università Bicocca
5:30 pm Drones for a new point of view
Pietro Lapiana, CEO, Eurolink Systems
6:00 pm Wearable technologies: an innovative way to experience art
Alan Cassini, Key Account Manager, Vidiemme
6:30 pm
7:30 pm